Oliver Oliver Oliver…

Doggin’ Around Day Care, Ventura CA, Dog Day CareHe is an angel by day and a trouble maker as soon as Jennifer leaves for the night... you guessed it Oliver the english bulldog, will give anybody but Jennifer a hard time. I'm pretty sure he is in love with her, because whenever she is present he is a great dog and loves to be cuddled and pet. This story however is not about how cuddly he was yesterday more about the protest he put up when Jennifer left at the end of her shift.

I'm pretty sure Oliver loves to give us a hard time and see what we do about it. Upset that Jennifer had left and not taken him with her, he decided to throw a little tantrum for myself and Christine (another wonderful employee). He didn't want to play with anyone and decided to knock over a full 2 1/2 gallon water bowl all over the big dog floor. It was Olivers present to us since we had not let him leave with Jennifer. We then had to spend the next half an hour mopping up all of the water and let it dry so the big dogs could come back in their area-- they had been outside this whole time while cleaning. We brought all the big dogs back in hoping that he would be happier now after playing. Ten minutes later another full water bowl was knocked over by our dear Olliepop!!!

Even if he is a trouble maker you cannot help but laugh at him because he just made our day that much more entertaining. He is quite the bulldog with a great personality. Love our Oliver.

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