Buddy at Doggin'

Where it all began

After taking our beloved pup Buddy to a local daycare day after day, we realized that Buddy was not getting the attention and love that he deserved while we were away at work. There was so much more that we desired for our sweet black lab so he could spend his days in enjoyment.

After some time, we thought about how do we transform our community by providing a service that allows for the best stay for our furry friends. This is when Doggin’ Around came to life in 2012 in Ventura. After many years of furry friends and growing, we got the opportunity to expand to continue to help our community by adding a second location, Our Dog House Ventura, in 2016, and with such great love from our community, we expanded to our third location, Our Dog House Camarillo in 2018. Since then, we have continued to offer a variety of services that serve our Buddy and his community. Because of Buddy, we have three beautiful families in Ventura County available to serve you. Buddy lived a long and adventurous life. Since July of 2023, he has been looking down on all his furry friends at each location. Thank you, Buddy!

Doggin Around

We are more than just a doggie daycare

When they visit our facilities, many don’t know that with your dog’s stay, you are helping transform the lives of people over in Uganda. Abundant Blessings Ministry (ABM) is funded by our dog care facilities, Doggin’ Around, Our Dog House Ventura, and Our Dog House Camarillo. ABM allows the Ugandan people to learn how to help themselves through opportunity. In the small areas surrounding Nakkede, Uganda, the Abundant Blessings Ministry lives to transform the lives of others through a variety of different ways.

By partnering with the Ugandan people, over 900+ families have been transformed through teachings of various business opportunities, Biblical principles, farming techniques, parenting skills, and much more.

For more information on this life-changing ministry, visit their website at www.AbundantBlessingsUganda.com.

Doggin' Around Daycare

Casie Kruseman

Casie is an avid animal lover and has been one of our top employees since 2018. She continues to study dog behaviors with Dog Guru’s training program. Even as a young child, Casie loved assisting her mom with their local cat boarding facility prepping for her managerial role at Doggin.

With three dogs of her own and various animals, she knows how important it is to find a trustworthy and reliable place to care for our furry friends. That is why, here at Doggin’ Around, she and the rest of the staff go above and beyond to provide the exceptional service your dog deserves.

Hours of Operation

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