Dog Boarding

1-3 Nights

  • 1 dog $70 Night
  • 2 Dogs $130 Night
  • 3 Dogs $180 Night

4-9 Nights

  • 1 dog $65 Night
  • 2 Dogs $120 Night
  • 3 Dogs $175 Night

10-Day Package

  • 1 dog $630
  • 2 Dogs $1100
  • 3 Dogs Call for Rates

Additional services to make your dog’s stay even better.


  • $20 per night - no discounts. Any dog can be placed in one-on-one care if they show signs of not being able to be in group play. You can also request this if you don't want your dog in group play at all.
  • Kennel to Large Play Area Upgrade - $15/per night

Stella and Chewy

  • Magical Food Dust Additive for picky eaters 50 cents per pet/per tablespoon + tax
  • Pill Pockets - 50 cents each per pet
  • Firm Up (Stomach Indigestion) - 50 cents per tablespoon/per pet

Doggin’ Around Daycare welcomes your
dog with a free assessment

Vaccination Requirements

Play Video about doggin around day care
Play Video about doggin around day care

Here at Doggin’ Around, we offer a unique variety of boarding services to fit your dog’s needs. At our facility, we match your dog’s size and temperament to one of our kennel suites to offer an experience for your dog that feels like a home away from home. Where “cage-free boarders” all room together, your dog does not have an opportunity for a break so they can have their own toys, bed, and a much-needed break after playing with friends all day. When our furry friends do not get much-needed breaks, like other facilities, they will likely become more reactive, nervous, and not enjoy their stay. However, here at Doggin’ we provide an overnight stay that will feel like a vacation for your dog. That way, they are set up for success. Our kennel suites range from all different sizes to ensure your dog has plenty of room throughout the night.

With 24-hour care, potty breaks are scheduled throughout the night so your pup has time to stretch and use the restroom. For some of our dogs with a more challenging time in our kennel suites, we also offer boarding in one of our large and spacious play areas to have the best experience tailored for your pup for just $15 extra a night.

Doggin' Around Daycare


Staff must be able to interact with your dog comfortably. If possible we would like your dog to come in for a free day before boarding your dog.

Must provide proof of current vaccinations for:

  • DHPP/DAPP (1 or 3 year)
  • Rabies (1 or 3 year)
  • 6 Month Bordetella Booster
  • All dogs over 7 months of age MUST be Spayed or Neutered to participate in any activities
  • Must be current on flea and tick medication (year long)
  • Complete the Doggin’ Around Daycare/Boarding application*.
  • *If you have recently rescued or adopted a dog, please call us (805-223-3630) before completing an application to see if they meet our waiting period requirements.
  • We do not take pups over the age of 12.*

Doggin’ Around Daycare has flexible drop off and pick up hours. After hours pick up can often be arranged. Your dog can stay until 12pm the day of departure without any additional daycare fees. Stay more than 3 nights, and your dog can receive a bath for only $10.

Doggin Around Daycare

What to pack for your dog’s overnight stay

  • Regular food and treats portioned into portions if possible (no bowls)
  • Bed or blanket for stays 4 nights or longer
  • Medications with instructions

*We have this policy in place due to the environment in the facility. We are fast-paced, and everything is a solid routine. The dogs are mentally and physically stimulated. They are placed in their playgroup for the day and play inside and outside from 7 am to 7pm with only a small window for nap time between 11-1. We have found that our senior dogs do not thrive in this environment. They tend to burn more energy than they are used to, which sometimes negatively affects them. We do not want to put your pup in a position where they could overwork themselves to the point of lethargy or worse. We appreciate your understanding in helping keep all of the dogs happy, safe, and healthy at our facility.

Damage Fee (Mostly Due to Anxiousness) – STARTS at $50 could exceed to up to $300 depending on amount of damage caused.

Holiday Rates Apply to:

$10 more for each dog, each night.
2-night minimum if boarding July 4, November 28 and December 25.
We are closed on those actual dates to the public so you need to drop off before or after those dates.

Easter – March 31
Spring Break – March 29 – April 5
July 4th Week – July 1 – July 8
Thanksgiving – November 25 – December 2
Holiday Season – December 20 – January 6

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 7 AM – 7 PM
Sat: 9 AM – 4 PM
Sun: 9 AM – 5 PM
Holiday Hours


2954 Seaborg Ave.
Ventura CA 93003
(805) 223-3630

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