Swim Day Complete

Doggin’ Around Day Care, Ventura CA, Dog Day Care

You know it is summer when all of our dogs start taking turns going to the swimming pool. Doggin' Around has started a new activity for all the dogs this summer. This summer it is supposed to be a hot one... so what can we do to help the dogs day cool during this hot weather?

We bought a wading pool for the dogs to cool down in. Our first day was last Monday. We got everything set up and then the hose didn't want to connect to the faucet. So Samantha and Christine were taking buckets full back and forth to fill it up. We decided to try out first with our Buddy, Frankie, Billy and Sadie -- boy was that the right move because they LOVED the water!!

Doggin’ Around Day Care, Ventura CA, Dog Day CareWe were tossing balls in the water and they were jumping in and grabbing them and bringing them back to us. Of course they were soaking wet and then decided to jump on all of us; making all of us pool supervisors also soaking wet. The dogs were so happy we couldn't help but take tons of pictures!!!

Come sign your dog up for daycare this summer and they will get their fun pool/ water play time as well.

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